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Become a Community Partner

To help promote vaccine equity, we help the vaccination sites and elected officials partner with community-based organizations to help register community members to be vaccinated. Preference is given to those patients who might not otherwise have the chance to receive a vaccination through traditional means, including uninsured, underinsured, undocumented, unhoused, non-English-speaking, BIPOC, or other historically underserved/underrepresented. This is part of Governor Newsom's pledge to direct 40% of vaccines to underserved communities. 

Bridging the Digital Divide

The problem with large-scale websites is that they inherently favor those on the "have" side of the digital divide, and do not work well for those who do not speak English (and may only speak but not write their own language) and may not trust the vaccines that are available due to lack of local, credible information from their perspective. 

Partnering with community-based organizations that already serve these populations and reserving a handful of slots for each organization allows them to get registered. This technique was championed by Councilmember Mai Vang in South Sacramento and endorsed/supported by Sacramento County's equity task force.

The Community Partner's Role

Community partners will:

  1. Identify patients in their population that are uninsured, underinsured, undocumented, unhoused, non-English-speaking, BIPOC, or other historically underserved/underrepresented
  2. Register the patient on their behalf for an appointment at an upcoming clinic in their area via the community partner portal 
  3. Confirm the appointment with the patient
  4. Partner with Paratransit, Lyft, Uber or volunteers to help provide assistance getting to the vaccination site
  5. Help the patient obtain and fill out the consent form in advance, if possible,
  6. Enroll volunteers familiar with the patient population (preference is given to bilingual volunteers)

Thank you for helping make our community safer!

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