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Clinic Design Model

We are passionate about creating a model for clinic design.

At this time, the model is in draft mode only but can be seen at the Google Slide here. Additional information will be added soon.

Standard Roles

For operating efficiency and standardization across clinics, we have the following defined roles:

  • Safety and Checkpoints Team - Various roles, including: direct patients entering registration to an open station, collect queue/consent cards, ensure orderly parking lot activity, particularly at busy times. Directs patients with disabilities to the back drive-through area or helps them into wheelchairs, Ensure that all patients entering have answered "no" to all questions on the consent, or have received an "all clear" from medical consult before entering registration, confirm vaccine type matches CDC card for second doses. Confirm that people are properly registered and ensure orderly operation of the patients entering and leaving the vaccination floor
  • Realtime Data Entry and Analytics Team - collect queue cards from all stations and enter injector ID, injection location, and quality-check all forms for completeness. (Google Sheets experience recommended.) Track real-time data on the number of doses delivered, demographic information, and more Learn more »
  • Welcome Team - bilingual/multilingual team members that welcome guests, provide consent forms in the proper languages, and also check temperature, offer masks, and answer questions. If needed, a welcome team member will join as an interpreter for a medical consult. Learn more »
  • Registration - confirm appointment, register (if walk-in), confirm vaccine type, write patient ID on queue card, scan ID/insurance (if they have it), provide vaccine info sheet Learn more »
  • Vaccination Station Managers - assists the vaccinator in a variety of ways: Fill out CDC card or check and confirm vaccine type, Notes injector number and location, writes obs end time on sheet, gives “I’ve been vaccinated sticker”, answers any questions, confirms “Are you feeling OK and ready to walk to the observation area?", escorts out if unsteady, holds up numbered station card when ready for next patient
    Learn more »
  • Floater - shadow and stand by to assist and tag in for other roles. Good to learn how various roles work.
  • Hospitality - run the observation area, serve food and drinks, help seat patients into rows by departure time. Also, take care of volunteers and patients throughout the clinic.
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