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What to bring to a clinic and other frequently asked questions

Here are some practical tips for coming to a local community clinic.

  • Bring your ID and insurance card with you. If you don't have insurance, that is OK! Our clinics welcome everyone, especially the uninsured.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. You may need to stand in line, so dress appropriately for the weather and wear shoes. You can bring water with you into the clinic area.
  • Patients will be served water and a fruit snack.

Frequently asked questions

I have a child. Can they be vaccinated?

Only ages 18+ can be vaccinated, except for clinics offering the Pfizer vaccine, which is for ages 12+ (as of May 13). A parent or legal guardian must be present and/or sign the consent form in advance.

What is the difference between the vaccine types?

Pfizer Vaccine Moderna VaccineJohnson & Johnson Vaccine 
How many doses2 doses required, three weeks apart. Your appointment will be scheduled for you automatically.2 doses required, four weeks apart. Your appointment will be scheduled for you automatically.Just one dose and you're done! No follow-up appointment is required.
Eligibility by Age12+18+18+


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